Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Case Study

December 10, 2021

David entered into his leader’s office.  Kaitlyn welcomed him inside, and the two of them sat down.  David asked, “I was wondering why you wanted to see me.  I hope nothing’s wrong.”

Kaitlyn said, “Absolutely not.  Things are going wonderfully. You met your sales goals for this quarter, and as a whole, we’re meeting the goals we set.”

David nodded, not understanding why he’d been called to her office.

Kaitlyn said.  “The best time to plan for the future is when things are going well.  We need to plan our next step. Now that we’ve met this goal, we need to challenge ourselves with another one. I called you here today so that you could help make a measurable, attainable goal for our team.”

David was more than happy to pitch in and give his input.  This helped Kaitlyn build a relationship with her employee, and challenging them with another goal also set an example for her staff, too.