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December 10, 2021

Charters are tools used to explain the purpose of the team as well as its direction. The number of components in this document can vary, but the necessary components include:


The mission is similar to the vision statement. Missions are the purpose for the team, the core activity, and the desired objectives. We have already created SMART goals, which follow the mission. Finally, operating guidelines follow.

Operating Guidelines Include:

  1. Making decisions
  2. Code of conduct
  3. Roles and responsibilities
  4. Communication
  5. Conflict resolution

After a charter is created, all team members should sign their agreement to abide by it.


Estimated Time 8 minutes
Topic Objective Review creating a charter.
Topic Summary Charter

Discuss creating a charter.

Materials Required 12: Operating Guidelines
Planning Checklist You could bring a team charter as an example.
Recommended Activity Complete the worksheet individually.  Share your answers with all participants.
Stories to Share Share any personal, relevant stories.
Delivery Tips Encourage everyone to participate.
Review Questions What are the components of a team charter?