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Goals in the Context of GROW

December 8, 2021

The first step of the GROW model is the key step in the process. Setting the goal gives you and your employee direction and purpose. You will find it very difficult if you were handed a bunch of tools and materials and told to build something without a clear vision or goal of what is to be built. The same holds true for developmental goals. It is not good enough to tell your employee they must improve in sales or build widgets faster. These types of goals create more confusion because they do not know where to start. Back to the building analogy, you may end up building a stool when what was really needed was as birdhouse. Clear goals are the cornerstone of the GROW model. Here are some benefits to establishing goals upfront in the process: • Both you and your employee have a better chance of starting in the right direction together. • Coaching time is more efficient once goals are discussed upfront. • You are able to plan ahead of the session and prepare targeted questions. • The coaching session is direct and avoids meandering. • You will come across more clear, instilling confidence in your employees. Now, since we established the importance and benefit of goal setting early in the coaching process, let us look at identifying appropriate goal areas.