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Role of Emotional Intelligence at Work

November 23, 2021

Emotional Intelligence plays a vital role in the workplace. How one feels about himself, interacts with others, and handles conflict is directly reflected in the quality of work produced. Both social and personal proficiencies are developed as a result of Emotional Intelligence.

Social Proficiencies

  • Empathy – Being aware of others’ feelings and exhibiting compassion.
  • Intuition – An inner sense of the feelings of others.
  • Political Acumen – Ability to communicate, strong influence and leadership skills, and conflict-resolution.

Personal Proficiencies

  • Self-Awareness – Understanding one’s own emotions. The ability to assess one’s self as well as display confidence.
  • Self-Regulation – Managing one’s emotions. Maintaining trustworthiness and flexibility.
  • Motivation – Being optimistic about situations. Having the drive to take initiative and commit until completion.