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Task Orientation

December 10, 2021

Task orientation occurs when teams share a vision along with the responsibility for the outcomes of goals by focusing on mastering skills. The specific tasks will vary with each team. Task orientation requires leaders to model tasks themselves and ensure that the individual team members understand the tasks that they are expected to accomplish.

In successful teams, task orientation motivates individuals to beat their past performance and work towards achieving personal improvement goals. This self-competition increases personal responsibility and self-monitoring.


Estimated Time 8 minutes
Topic Objective Review task orientation.
Topic Summary Task Orientation

Discuss task orientation.

Materials Required Flipchart/board and marker
Planning Checklist None
Recommended Activity As a group, discuss your experiences with task orientation. What actions can you take to encourage task orientation. List ideas on the flipchart/board.
Stories to Share Share any personal, relevant stories.
Delivery Tips Encourage everyone to participate.
Review Questions When does task orientation occur?