Lesson 1, Topic 1
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The Importance of Trust

December 10, 2021

Adam worked on building respect with his staff from the beginning.  He came back from lunch, and he waved to one of his followers, Catherine.  He stopped by her cubicle and asked her, “How are things going?”

Catherine sighed and said, “I’ve been trying to be innovative about this next product launch like you said, but I’m really struggling with finding a new angle.”

Adam said, “Is that the same one due by the end of the week?”

“Yes. Do you think you could get me some help with brainstorming?”

Adam assigned another follower to partner with Catherine that he knew excelled at fresh ideas and innovation.  Because he showed respect to his followers, they trusted him to let them know how projects were going, good or bad.  The problem was addressed in a quick and effective manner.