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As an expert servant leadership consultant, author, and independent Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team, I bring an “others-centered” approach to helping great leaders build great organizations.

For five years, I dreamed about building an academy whereby I could offer courses to Serving Leaders worldwide. As time is passing, more and more of our education is going online. Even before this pandemic, we were already headed in that direction, and now COVID-19 has only put that transition to e-Learning in top gear.

I landed on LearnDash as my eLearning website mainly for its ease of use for the student learner. I am excited to offer courses to expand and growth your leadership abilities! Welcome to your Serving Leader journey. 

To teach, inspire, and equip individuals, teams, and organizations with effective and engaging e-Learning courses that enable them to create, retain and leverage their intellectual capital and achieve their business goals.
To be a world-class provider of Servant Leadership and professional development e-Learning courses that help people and organizations all over the world.
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Core Values

CJD Servant Leadership Academy’s core values underlie how we perform our work, how we interact with each other, and the strategies we employ to fulfill our Mission. We are continually looking for better ways to work with greater integrity, passion and innovation – to ultimately serve our clients better. 

Dr. Crystal at the John C Maxwell institute

Core values are the important principles of an organization that form the foundations upon which its people perform work and conduct themselves. 

The best leaders don’t operate from ego and self but from a consciousness of an “other’s centered” approach. Serving Leaders empower others, are deep listeners and as a result are better able to serve others.

 Ultimately this means being accountable. Having a commitment to doing a job well and going above and beyond when necessary. Taking responsibility for the outcomes!

Finding the unasked question is the best way to solve a problem. Leaders that stay curious find root causes rather than just symptoms.

Leaders must authentically display care and concern for the people they work with. 

Is key to staying ahead of our competitors and helping our clients achieve their learning objectives with the latest technologies and most advanced platforms available. Our team is always thinking of novel and creative ways to better serve our clients.

I believe in devoting time to assess what’s working and what’s not working so that course corrections can be made along the way.