Refund Policy

Our Honor Code & Happy Money Policy

All of my courses, products and programs have a strict no-refunds ‘honor code’ policy, in order to make sure you’re really fully committed to studying and implementing the material presented.

My courses are designed to deeply enrich your professional and personal life and for that to happen, you’ve got to be ‘all-in’ from the moment you sign up for the training, to the moment you use the training.

We also have a ‘Happy Money’ Policy – we only want to receive money that you feel absolutely wonderful about investing. So, before you sign up, take a moment to get in touch with your intuition and make sure your highest self wants this for you. Then, as you make the payment, make a firm intention to infuse the money with an abundance of love, appreciation and gratitude for what you’re about to receive.

With this intention,, I firmly believe that your money and your investment in our time together will be blessed. I appreciate you for investing in me and my courses, and I pray that your wealth and money are divinely blessed, that you receive at least 10x the value you expect, and that it is all returned to you in multitudes.

Peace, Love & Blessings.

Dr. Crystal Davis

Dr. Crystal Davis